I am Soizic Villanueva, founder of Maison Frida. I'm a French self-taught designer, proud mom of two who is married to a smart Mexican guy. I currently live in Chicago, IL.


Maison Frida is a high-quality children's clothing brand that is based on my personal journey.

It blends French design with Mexican colors and natural fabrics. 


I have worked relentlessly to ensure that Maison Frida represents my values.

As such, all of the clothing is made ethically and responsibly here in Chicago, IL.

I am also using only the highest-quality natural fabrics and where possible, I use eco-friendly fabrics and suppliers.  



Maison Frida Story

I grew up in the northwest of France, and I have always been interested in fashion. My interest in fashion has always been focused on the traditional and subtle styles of clothing.

Years later, I met my Mexican husband, Alex, and moved with him to Mexico City. There I noticed how people everywhere used bright and bold colors in their houses, cars, and clothing. The use of these vibrant colors inspired me to create a joyful clothing collection for kids that would borrow from French styles and tradition while using Mexican colors and natural fabrics.

With that goal in mind, I took up sewing and pattern classes, read through numerous books on fashion design and business, and talked to as many entrepreneurs in the field as possible. I then experimented with multiple designs and tested many of them with my own kids.

 Et voilà! Two years later, Maison Frida was born.