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Fighting for a #plasticfree future

Behind our cute collab with Pipapo, we want to sensitize people about plastic pollution in our oceans.  Anna, the talented artist behind Pipapo created 4 birch pins with animals directly affected by the plastic pollution: Starfish, Seagull, Lobster and Pufferfish. When we think about ocean pollution, we think first of bottles, plastic bags and straws but the fashion industry is also responsible. Textiles are a large source of micro plastic pollution. Mostly, this comes from microfibers that shed from our synthetic clothing.  "ONE SYNTHETIC FLEECE JACKET RELEASED AS MANY AS 250,000 PLASTIC MICROFIBERS WHEN MACHINE WASHED." (source: 5 Gyres) Sometimes synthetic fabrics are pretty much unavoidable -  with swimwear for example. In those cases, it's recommended hand washing. If you want to learn more about plastic...

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